We know – that ultimately, there are a many numbers of things that can benefit your business. However, we simply believe that if everything is working well internally – then externally your business will undoubtedly achieve success – so essentially your employees are a key element in this.

Digital Apprentices & Trainees

The secret to our success has been developing young talent through our Apprentices/Trainees and we have never once looked back. Since starting up a Digital Marketing Agency ten years ago, we have employed a great number of Apprentices that have gone on to really benefit our company.

Over the past few years, the rate of both Apprenticeships and Traineeships has taken a huge increase – with so many large and small businesses across the UK now considering taking on an Apprentice or Trainee. Corporate companies such as, Boots, HP and the BBC are just a few of the many establishments that are in huge favour of the scheme and due to the ever-growing success rate – the government have now produced a plan to see 3 million Apprentices in vacancies by 2020.

What are Apprenticeships & Traineeships?

So, what is an Apprentice? And what exactly is the difference between a Traineeship and an Apprenticeship?

First of all, Traineeships are put in place to essentially help people who want to move into an apprenticeship or job. Unlike Apprentices, Trainees do not tend to be equipped with the essential skills – such as English and Maths or have Work Experience, a Traineeship is generally there to provide a person with these.

A Traineeship can last up for a maximum of six months – in which on the completion of the programme – the person should either have a job or alternatively move on to become an Apprentice, where they can effectively strive to gain higher qualifications.

Similar to the Traineeship, an Apprenticeship, is a job with training – however – this can last for a number of years. The fantastic idea of an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, is the fact that a person can essentially “earn while they learn”. With completing an Apprenticeship – a person has the opportunity to gain a recognised, specialised qualification in an area that particularly appeals to them for a career.

The Dijitul Enterprise Traineeship

At Dijitul we do our honest best to support as well as equip our apprentices with all the essential Workplace skills. We encourage them to be confident in their role and ultimately – teach them all our Digital Knowledge so eventually, they can shine in a Digital role that will effectively in the long run benefit a business.

The Dijitul Traineeship will allow the Trainee to develop key skills in the digital world so that the learner can then eventually go on to utilise these elements in a workplace environment. Effectively, Digital responsibilities vary. From being able to run a successful E-mail Marketing Campaign to developing an in-depth Digital Strategy – our Traineeship will ensure the person is fully equipped with all the vital knowledge needed.

What will the Trainee learn?

There are many Digital skills that the Trainee will learn throughout their time on our course. Amongst many topics, they will be taught how to master Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), succeed in the world of advertising through Social Media and understand the ability of mobile marketing communications.