Conversion Rate Optimisation Training Workshops

Learn How To Squeeze More Sale or Enquiries Out Of Your Website

Our team of web and conversion rate experts are here to provide you with the training that you and your team need to get more sales or enquiries from your website.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation & Why is It Important?

Sometimes referred to as CRO, conversion rate optimisation is the process of reviewing and testing certain parts of your website with the aim of¬†increasing the number of visitors who “convert” into a customer. Whether buying a product, sending an enquiry, or signing up to a newsletter, conversions are the lifeblood of any commercial website. The more conversions, the more successful you are, which is why CRO is so important. Identifying areas which are providing a bad user experience and driving people away from your website is vital.

Who Is This Conversion Rate Optimisation Training For?

Our conversion rate optimisation training days are perfect for anyone who has a website and wants to get more business out of it. Whether you’re trying to get people to make a purchase, send you an enquiry, or register for a newsletter, there are CRO techniques to be used to increase the numbers you are getting.

What Our Conversion Rate Optimisation Training Includes

Our CRO training days are tailored to provide you with as much understandable information as possible. We aim to ensure everything is actionable and genuinely useful, rather than filling your head with pointless fluff. We always look to include the following areas in our CRO workshops.

  • Introduction To Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • How To Analyse Conversion Rates
  • On Site Goal Definition
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Testing & Tools

How Will The CRO Training Be Delivered?

We offer two options when it comes to our training days. We can either visit you in a location of your choice, or you can come to us. Most people prefer to have the training done in a familiar environment that they are comfortable with, however, if you’d prefer to get out of the office then that’s great too, we have our own training room. It really is up to you. The training will be steadily paced, in a relaxed environment with breaks throughout the day to ensure information has time to sink in.

Book Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Training Today

If you would like to arrange for our CRO specialists to come and train you and your team on how to get more sales out of your website with CRO, then please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the day in more depth and to arrange a date.

Terms and Conditions
If training is to be carried out at your offices, the training room must be wifi connected, offer a suitable¬†learning environment, and not exceed the office temperature limits for warm and cold. If your business meets these requirements, then we’re more than happy to travel to you. We will even bring cake and other brain food.