Teaching You The Digital Way

Become an online marketing whizz with our digital workshops.

The online world is always evolving, so you need to ensure that your online business is keeping up. Undoubtedly, we have entered a very digital world – to the extent where more or less everything is now found online. Being a fully fledged digital marketing agency, we understand the utter importance of getting your business set up successfully on the internet. From your company being simply noticed on a search engine with good SEO, to being able to code a website from scratch – our digital workshops are ensured to give all the advanced digital knowledge and skill you need.

Our Digital Workshops and the benefits they come with.

Our digital workshops are an extensive range of courses, that ultimately teach companies all there is to know about digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Adwords and Ecommerce. All sounds confusing, right? I mean you are most probably thinking, what on earth is SEO? Why would I need that? But this is a common mistake along with others, that many businesses alike are currently making and it is not a mistake you really can afford to make. This is where our team of digital professors come in to help guide the way – so your team can be armed with all the skills you need in house, so your company can tackle the digital marketing world solo.

SEO Workshops

Let us put it this way, when it comes to the power of SEO – shorthand for “Search Engine Optimisation” your business can plummet to great online success. Get it right, you start to drive more traffic, generate leads that will convert and this will all contribute to creating an increase in sales. During our SEO workshop, our digital geniuses will take the absolute pleasure in teaching you best way of implementing SEO into your company. Find out more on our SEO Workshop page.

Social Media Workshops

From Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Pinterest – there are so many social media platforms now available. Every network can offer great promotion services for your business, it is just knowing exactly which work and how to do it right. Our social media workshop will enlighten you into the world of using tools through social media to promote your company. Our aim by the end of the session – making sure you are all social media geniuses ready to implement all your knowledge straight back into your company. Find out more on our Social Media page.

Per Per Click Workshops

Want to achieve instantly great results on a search engine? Pay per click advertising is the way to do it. From a basic introduction to Google Adwords to producing and creating an implemented successful PPC campaign – our PPC training course will give your team all the knowledge needed to grow your business through this fantastic online marketing tool. Find out more on our Pay Per Click page.

Content Marketing

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is really not as confusing as it sounds. It focuses primarily on reviewing and testing specific parts of your website to ultimately increase the most important visitors, which are the ones that eventually convert into your customers. Sounds promising, right? From a detailed introduction in to conversion rate optimisation, to a direct teaching in how you analyse conversion rates – our workshop is guaranteed to give you a much clearer understanding of CRO. Find out more on our Content Marketing page.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics has the ultimate unprecedented power to increase the visibility of your brand massively – here at Dijitul – it is one of our favourite marketing tools supplied by Google themselves. Our Google Analytics Workshop will teach you all there is to know about the marketing tool, so it can help you go on to reach your business goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to analyse the data, so you can then adapt to any changes needed, to ensure you are getting the right traffic you need to grow your business even further online. Find out more on our Google Analytics page.

Opencart Training

Looking to sell and manage products online? If yes, our Opencart workshop is the training course for you. Being one of the leading e-commerce platforms available in the web industry, it is essentially one of the safest and fastest ways of getting your products on the internet. From teaching on how to login to your website, all the way to setting up payment methods – our team of Opencart experts will teach you all there is to know when creating your online store. Find out more on our Opencart page.

WordPress Workshops

In a nutshell, WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. Essentially, WordPress is an appropriate platform for any business that wants to expand further in the online world. Delivered on your premises (or ours if preferred) our team of web specialists, will be there to primarily provide you with all the digital skills you and your team will need to know when you enter the world of WordPress. Find out more on our WordPress training page.

Why you should choose Dijitul for your Digital Training

Having a workforce armed with 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of digital experts – really do have a truly great foundation base to work with, when it comes to guiding others. Throughout our time, we have helped many businesses begin to start ranking higher on search engines, built and developed some stunning websites and planned out many strategies. Through all the experience, we have built up both stable digital knowledge and skills and we are now ready to pass it all on – so we can help other companies thrive in the industry.