Local Entrepreneurs aim to create 100 local jobs

Dave & Olly of Dijitul
Dave & Olly of Dijitul

Young local entrepreneurs say they hope to create up to a 100 new jobs in the next few years through the growth of on-line business.

Dave Hartshorne and Olly Mooney launched web design and marketing agency Dijitul in 2006 and it now employs 10 people, based in Mansfield.

Alongside their main business, Dave and Olly have also been building up a sales side to their business, retailing products online and making the most of their eCommerce and marketing skills.

“The e-Commerce market is huge” says Dave, who recently added another business to their e-Commerce portfolio,.

“You only have to look at the likes of Amazon and eBuyer to see just big internet retailers can become, not to mention how many jobs can be created in a short space of time.

“More and more people are purchasing goods online and the industry is not slowing down whatsoever.

“Over the next 3 years we are looking to create over another 100 jobs for local people, providing apprenticeships to young people, introducing new skills into the area.

“The rate that we are growing at the moment could see us hit the £15m mark in just a few more years. We may even create more jobs, it all depends on what new products and markets we find.”