Opencart Training Workshop

Our Opencart training workshops are provided by our team of Opencart and e-commerce specialists. This training day is designed to give you the best possible understanding of one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, increasing your chances of online success.

What Is Opencart?

Opencart is one of the leading e-commerce platforms available on the web today. Making it a go-to system for business owners looking to sell products online. Opencart is one of the fastest and safest ways of getting your products on the web, leaving you in full control of the price of your products, which products you have on your website and much more.

Opencart Is Suitable For The Following Businesses;

An Opencart website is suitable for all businesses that are looking to sell and manage products on the web. No matter what products you sell, Opencart has you covered. With a wide array of extensions available, you can tailor your Opencart store to work exactly how you need it to. So, whether you sell T-shirts, Drone’s, Action Cameras, or car parts, Opencart would be a great choice for your business to get on the web.

Who Is This Opencart Training For?

Our Opencart training course is perfect for business owners, or employees who want to fully understand the potential of their Opencart website. Businesses often get a brand new Opencart website populated with hundreds if not thousands of products, but are never sure how to optimise the pages for SEO, how to delete products, or how to add images. That’s where this training course comes in. After you have completed this training, you will find that you and your employees will be much more confident in using this amazing platform.

What Does Our Opencart Training Course Include?

  • How to login to your website
  • Introduction To The Opencart Dashboard
  • General Settings Configuration
  • How To Change Passwords & Add New Users
  • How To Add New Products
  • How To Add New Categories
  • How To Optimise Products & Categories for SEO
  • How To Upload Images and Other Media
  • How To Install Extensions
  • How To Edit Quantity of a Product
  • How To Add Sales Prices to Products
  • How To Setup Shipping Methods
  • How To Setup Payment Methods
  • How To Add Google Analytics Code

Above is just some of the vital information you need to know when it comes to running a successful Opencart website.

How Will This Opencart Course Be Delivered?

This training course is delivered by one or more of our Opencart experts at either your location or our headquarters. We often find that it may be much more useful for you to be trained in a familiar place, rather than having to travel to undergo training. This way you will find it much easier to remember what has been covered. However, if you do fancy getting out of the office for a bit, then you can come here and undergo training in our dedicated training room. The choice is yours. This course takes a hands-on approach.

Book Your Opencart Training Today

To book training from our Opencart team, simply fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you with further details regarding your training.

Terms and Conditions

If training is to be carried out at your offices, the training room must be wifi connected, offer a suitable learning environment and not exceed the office temperature limits for warm and cold. If your business meets these requirements, then we’re more than happy to travel to you. We may even bring cake and other brain food.